Helping you achieve greater ease and joy less struggle and suffering for the rest of your life.

less struggle and
suffering for the rest
of your life.

Helping you achieve
greater ease and joy

Who Am I

Hi! I'm Mary!
I am a physician turned Certified Holistic Coach and Certified Mindfulness and Compassion teacher
But those are just titles. Just like you… I am a human being finding her path on this life. I was there too. I suffered and I lost. I was feeling powerless and stuck. But I found a way out. It’s the power of the mind guided by the heart. And I can show you how you can find your way out too.

Who I Help

Sometimes the universe gives us challenges and takes away things we have. Are you dealing with the following struggles in your life?
Feeling overwhelmed- Stressed -Struggling with burnout-Feeling anxious- Low mood- Mental health challenges-Trouble with relationships- Poor self-esteem- Negative thinking- Life transition- Recovering from addictions- Health concerns
Do you want to enhance your positive mental health and well-being?
This is something that we all can benefit from, no matter our circumstances in life.

How I Do It

If I can do it, you can too.
I use a Holistic Coaching approach which includes 4 levels: physical (somatic), emotional, mental and spiritual.
I also help you practice Mindfulness, Lovingkindness, Self-Compassion and Awakening to Joy
Start your journey on the path to a better and more fulfilling you.
My services are not intended to replace therapy or treatment.


Hello Mary, A quick note to tell you how much you have provided me with such precious help and tools in my journey. I went to my first date with motivation and I came out of it with incredible gratitude that you were the person who brought me so much physically, psychologically and spiritually. My eating disorder was the result of several small things. Thank you for your advice, your treatments.